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Primary Computing - Remote Courses

Bursaries are available to state-funded schools to participate in courses during the day.  The course fee is £65, but bursaries are available at £220 per day (1 bursary per school in a given academic year).  Each course is made up of live facilitator-led sessions and gap tasks.

Introduction to primary computing

An excellent course for primary computing teachers who are new to the subject or its leadership. This CPD covers the whole computing curriculum at an introductory level, including programming essentials using Scratch.

2 Sessions - Date and Times Booking Link
Monday 13th June and Monday 20th June 2:00-4:00pm Link
Monday 4th July and Monday 11th July 9:30am-11:30am Link

**The following short courses do not have a bursary attached but are free to state-funded schools**

Teaching the Teach Computing Curriculum to Mixed Aged Classes - Book Here

Monday 23rd May 3:15pm – 4:45pm

This session will support teachers of mixed aged classes to effectively deliver the Teach Computing Curriculum.   

It will explore how teachers can provide age related progression with clear differentiation incorporating appropriate challenge and scaffolding using a selection of pedagogies to support the teaching of computing in a mixed age classroom.

Getting Started in...

This course provides a comprehensive look at how to teach computing in the relevant year group using the Teach Computing Curriculum. You will be guided through the topics and skills taught in the applicable year group and understand how they fit into the wider Teach Computing Curriculum

Course Date and Time Booking Link
Year 1 Friday 8th July 3:30-5:00pm Link
Year 2 Monday 11th July 3:30-5:00pm Link
Year 3  Tuesday 12th July 3:30-5:00pm Link
Year 4 Wednesday 13th July 3:30-5:00pm Link
Year 5  Thursday 14th July 3:30-5:00pm Link
Year 6 Friday 15th July 3:30-5:00pm Link