Lincolnshire SCITT

Luke: A year on from the call

"The professional and supportive staff who offer continuous advice and excellent training sessions really are a key element of success that most certainly transfers into its trainees."

A year on from the call.


As I sit here and write this I can only look back and reflect on the year I have had and my teacher training journey so far. This evening I visited the Lincoln Christmas market exactly a year on from when I was last at the Christmas market and received the call to say I have been offered a place on the LTSA SCITT programme. Therefore, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to be writing this piece.


Having graduated from university in the summer and coming straight into teacher training from my degree; choosing LTSA couldn’t have been an easier decision for myself. Like many, having researched my potential options for my training year LTSA stood out as a clear favourite due to the clear opportunities it provides and the structure of the course enabling its students to maximise their teaching potential.


I was made aware of my main training school very early on before starting the academic year. With this in mind the LTSA helped to facilitate a range of visits to the school in order to make the process much easier for settling in. The department I joined were very welcoming and enthusiastic about having me in the school; putting all my nerves to rest. Before I even started in school I had learnt and developed my practice through meeting the other students gaining knowledge from their vast and wide experiences. Being one of the younger trainees on the course I felt concerned that I wouldn’t be experienced enough compared to others. However, this wasn’t the case, everybody came in with all different levels of experience and the Leaders on the course made this a positive and strongly facilitated the need to share and help each other. Something I believe I benefited from.


The first term I feel was a key moment in the year and was one that the LTSA made a great and rewarding experience. There was no pressure of taking on too much work or being forced into something you weren’t ready for. The transition from observation to team teaching to full class teaching was almost effortless and before I knew it I was responsible for 8 full classes in which I planned, assessed and delivered. LTSA assisted me all the way with providing in house training, subject specific days and tons of accessible resources. Each week the training had a different focus, all of which were appropriate and beneficial for a teacher. We would learn about behaviour management, differentiation, SEND, Assessment and much much more. Each week we would then be encouraged to implement the theme into our teaching allowing us to continually improve as teachers.


Reflection is a key part of the course and is something we are encouraged to do regularly in order to improve and look for alternatives. With this in mind, LTSA look to cater for all individuals and seek to push us towards our potential. I have had enormous amounts of individual support from the team on ways to improve my employability. For example, I have been given the opportunity to look at a second subject where I now teach a couple of lessons a week and attend the subject specific days. An opportunity I know I wouldn’t be able to have on a traditional PGCE. Furthermore, I believe that I have benefitted immensely by being in schools from the start of the year, enabling me to both settle in to the department as well as gaining a greater understanding of how schools set up expectations and routines.


I would highly recommend the LTSA SCITT to anyone who was considering going into teacher training. The professional and supportive staff who offer continuous advice and excellent training sessions really are a key element of success that most certainly transfers into its trainees.