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School Placements

Trainees will be placed in their local training school for the majority of the school year and undertake a second school placement of approximately six weeks, as part of the programme. Trainees will start placements as the school year starts, so trainees can see their mentors foster relationships and set routines with their new classes. We believe this is important preparation for trainees who will do the same when they get their first job.

Centralised training is undertaken weekly, through a mixture of online and in-person sessions, as well as directed study. On average, trainees are in school four days a week – learning on the job. The school-based nature of the course means that trainees have a considerable time in classrooms, observing expert subject teaching and practising teaching themselves. These extra opportunities to learn ‘at the chalk face’ ensure our trainees are ready for employment.

We work hard to ensure that trainees are placed locally to avoid unnecessary travel times and achieve a better work-life balance. As we have such a large partnership of schools across Lincolnshire and Greater Lincolnshire, we are confident travel to school should typically be no more than 30 minutes. Trainees are asked, on application, to look at our location map and identify three schools in which they would like to train, if they are successful and move to phase 2. We listen to our trainees and want them to train in a school which suits their ambitions and personal preferences.   

We work with a dedicated partnership of schools, who want to ‘grow their own’ teachers; they often recruit trainees to teaching positions. The support and dedication of the school-based mentors, ensures that trainees' learning is scaffolded and teaching is gradually increased as appropriate to the trainees' needs. We quality assure all our placement schools through regular visits from SCITT programme leaders.

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