Lincolnshire SCITT

Caitlin: Relationship with mentor

The process of settling into school and meeting new people for the first time can be very daunting, but I was lucky enough to have two fantastic mentors that put me instantly at ease.

The biggest thing that helped me develop my relationship with my mentors is being honest. I was honest from the very beginning about my nerves and the things I was worried about, as well as the things I felt I could do a good job of. This meant that I got the support I needed in the areas that needed it most, and also provided my mentors with a good idea of my starting point.

Additionally, helping the other teachers in my year group team has given me an excellent opportunity to build friendships. Wherever possible, I have helped other class teachers whether that is printing or trimming resources, helping in class to cover lessons or simply offering to make a cup of tea. This means that I have really strong links with my entire team, so not only am I benefitting from the support of my mentors but also a plethora of other education professionals.

Overall, building a strong foundation with my mentors and surrounding members of staff has hugely benefitted my practice, development and confidence in the classroom and most importantly, makes me a better teacher.