Lincolnshire SCITT

Cloe: My relationship with my Mentor

I have really settled into the school very quickly and comfortably. Before I started in September, I was placed in contact with my mentor and arranged to come into school on a few days or mornings that I was free, which allowed me to have a look round the school, meet a selection of other staff members that I would be seeing over the year, and get a good feel for the school before I started in the academic year.

This made me feel more comfortable for starting in September as I had already met my mentor and the other members of staff. I have established a positive relationship with my mentor and feel very comfortable in asking questions and getting involved because of this relationship.

Each week I have a meeting with my mentor where we go through the professional development record and discuss my progress that week as well as what I can be mindful of the following week to progress even more. On top of this I have planning time with my mentor in school which allows me to become more involved in the decisions of the classroom and plan some lessons myself with my mentor nearby to check over things and guide me through my planning. These sessions are extremely helpful as a trainee and allow me to be constantly improving and progressing through my teaching journey.

As you spend a lot of time in the classroom with your mentor, they will observe your lessons as you begin to lead more whole class lessons. I really value this and the feedback that I receive is always constructive and helps me to improve my teaching. My mentor has also spent time with me discussing tips and organisation skills to manage my time well this year to make sure I do not feel overwhelmed. She always asks me about how the PGCE side of the course is going and gives me advice. Mentors are there to support and guide trainees through this year and I have had a wonderful experience with my mentor so far in my journey.