Lincolnshire SCITT

Caitlin - Programme tutor visits​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

At the beginning of our training year, we were informed how we would have a programme tutor (PT) who would visit each term to observe our lessons. During these visits, the PT looks at different aspects of our development, this could be our relationships with the children etc.

I have found these PT visits very beneficial as it allows me to receive feedback on my teaching and development. The feedback I’ve received so far has allowed me to improve on specific aspects of my teaching, which has given me the opportunity to progress as a trainee.

Now halfway through my training year, I have found that being truthful and honest with my PT has been extremely important, as they’ve been able to provide me with recommendations or ideas to try during my lessons.

Due to training whilst the pandemic is still ongoing, there has been some very uncertain times with staff absences due to Covid. My PT has been very understanding and supportive of the situation which has helped me stay on track and feel a lot more at ease. Furthermore, my PT has also been very flexible when arranging visits especially at short notice, so that they’re suitable for my mentor and myself. My PT even arranged a Zoom call to discuss my observation when they were off unwell, so I still received feedback from a recorded lesson. This allowed myself, my mentor and PT to discuss the observed lesson altogether, so I still received feedback which I really appreciated. I cannot fault the support I’ve received from my PT, they’ve gone above and beyond to help guide and reassure me.