Lincolnshire SCITT

Sarah: Settling into School

Once I applied for the LTSA SCITT course, and was lucky enough to get a trainee place, I ensured that I had some observation time in the chosen school. This was so important for me and ensured that I had met many of the team prior to September.  I felt so welcomed on those observation days and a part of the school.

My mentor (who at that time didn’t realise would be my mentor) allowed me to observe a good number of her lessons so that I got the feel for the school in advance of commencing teacher training.  Once I found out that she was my mentor, I was over the moon as I knew we would work so well together.  Her way of teaching is definitely one that I aspire to have. 

Now that I am in my school, I have been given so much support in meeting other members of staff, knowing the locations of lessons, feeling welcomed into busy classrooms and she has ensured that at all times my wellbeing is paramount.  As a former SCITT trainee, she knows the pressures attached to this year and aware how much time and information is needed to get through.  I feel that she is already, after only a few weeks, helping me to balance out my new career and giving me so much amazing information and great tips on where my teaching may go. 

Thank you.