Lincolnshire SCITT

Advanced Workplace Mentoring

Audience: This one-day workshop is designed for staff who act as mentors for adults (teachers, leaders and administrative staff, trainee teachers) and for pupils (academic mentors, pastoral mentors, behaviour mentors, etc.)


Intent: The workshop is designed to enable participants to develop their knowledge, understanding and associated insights to assist them to be highly effective mentors.  Participants will acquire:

  • a developed set of constructs, linked to the process of mentoring, derived from mentoring models and some theoretical perspectives on teh process of mentoring
  • a developed set of skills, linked to the effective use of solution-focussed approaches to mentoring and non-directive coaching.

Implementation: The workshop will involve participants in collaborative activities, self-reflection tasks and direct tutorial input.

Impact: The workshop will ensure that those who act as mentors have a developed set of skills and an understanding that will enable them to be highly effective in the support they provide for others.