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Please see below for common FAQs for the Assessment Only Route.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I do not have a degree in my specialist subject (Secondary)? 

If your degree is not within you specialist teaching subject area we are still interested in hearing from you. If you have a good A Level in your specialist subject this is very helpful. We can also consider your KS4 teaching experience, particularly when delivered to high ability groups, accessing subject challenge.

Please contact us for further information.

Guidance from DfE states that:  

For those being assessed in non-specialist primary settings, the assessment process must cover the relevant curriculum subjects. For secondary candidates, providers will need to assess the necessary knowledge and understanding of their subjects and related pedagogy. Candidates that are assessed in a subject that is always or predominantly taught in only one age range (for example post 16) may need to demonstrate subject knowledge in a related subject if they do not have the opportunity to be assessed in their subject across the full age range

What if I have only taught in school one setting? 

You must have second school teaching experience before you can apply. Contact us with any specific queries. Guidance from DfE states that: 

Candidates must have taught in 2 schools, early years or further education settings before entry to the assessment only route. It is not sufficient for candidates only to have had experience of 2 schools or settings. Providers should consider whether a candidate’s prior experience of teaching in schools provides enough evidence to allow the provider to confidently count those previous teaching experiences towards the 2 schools required.

Providers will need to be clear about the nature and extent of the prior experience, whether it offered the candidate the opportunity to teach children and young people and whether, taken together with other experiences, it prepared the candidate sufficiently to meet the Teachers’ Standards.

Typically, a candidate with fewer than 2 years of teaching experience in schools as an unqualified teacher would be unsuitable for the assessment only route. Practical teaching experience for the purposes of assessment only is not restricted to taking place wholly or mainly in England

What if I only have one year’s experience (or equivalent) of teaching? (Primary and Secondary) 

Contact us. We will look at the teaching experience you currently have and work with your school to put together an action plan to secure the required experience moving forward.

  Which subjects do you offer AOR? (Secondary) 

We work with candidates in any secondary subject.

Are candidates who have QTLS status eligible for AOR? 


Although QTLS status holders can now work in schools as qualified teachers, without needing to hold QTS, they must maintain their QTLS status and membership with the Institute for Learning (IfL) to do so.

Some QTLS status holders may still wish to follow the AO route, but providers should be confident this is the result of an informed decision.

This link might be useful:

  What are the expectations in relation to the Professional Skills Tests? 

Candidates joining the AO route will no longer need to undertake the Professional Skills Tests, further guidance can be found here. 

What are the fees for AOR?

Please click here to visit the relevant fees page, which has full details on our AOR fees.

What are the entry requirements for AOR?

Use our online eligibility checklist to determine whether you are ready to apply for the assessment only route or not.  All eligibility information is explained within the Lincolnshire SCITT Guidance and Eligibility document - This is currently under review (UPDATED VERSION AVAILABLE SOON).

AOR is assessed on an individual basis and so if you are unsure if you are suitable for this route, please contact us.

I am ready to apply, what are the next steps?

Please refer to the How to Apply page. Candidates apply directly to the Lincolnshire SCITT through their school.

The Lincolnshire SCITT AOR Guidance and Eligibility document showcases a flowchart which helps to explain the AOR process from application to completion. 

Any further AOR queries?

Please contact us!  Either through the Enquiry form on the website or by contacting 01522 889297.