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About Us

Lincolnshire SCITT is a well-established provider with a proven track record of success, within both the primary and secondary sector. Our large, geographically spread partnership of schools demonstrates the keen commitment to developing and nurturing the next generation of teachers. Our schools and strategic partners are dedicated to improving the life chances of young people across Lincolnshire and Greater Lincolnshire and this starts with training high quality teachers!

Education is a human business; relationships are at the heart of all that we do, and Lincolnshire SCITT makes a commitment to engage with you as an individual, through effective professional relationships. We want you to thrive and excel as you start out in your career.

The nature of SCITT provision is that it is a hands-on and practical approach to training, where teaching commitment builds gradually across the year and at a pace determined by trainee experience and confidence. This personalised approach ensures you get the best from your training year; never being thrown in at the deep end but scaffolded and supported at every step. SCITT provision also offers you the chance to experience the whole school year, ensuring trainees develop an embedded and well-rounded understanding of the role of a teacher.

Our strong local reputation, means that we have a large network of high-quality schools to undertake training in. This means that trainees can, if they wish, stay local to where they need to be, securing an effective work life balance. We are keen to work with applicants to discuss options for training schools in their local region and will warmly welcome any new schools wanting to join the partnership.

We partner with local subject experts and curriculum hubs, to ensure that training is led by local or national experts. Our evidence informed curriculum, builds trainee’s knowledge and skills to be a teacher progressively across the training year, ensuring all are career ready! Bespoke support and expert advice are available to help trainees to secure employment, with high employment rates.

On a weekly basis, all trainees will undertake a dedicated mentor meeting and receive regular training and feedback from an expert mentor. Trainees and mentors will work collaboratively across the year, with the mentor demonstrating and modelling strategies to the trainees, to help them to create mental models of best practice, that they can then apply.

Lincolnshire SCITT is extremely proud of its strong partnership with the University of Lincoln, where trainees can access University facilities and support from a wide range of services.

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For all enquiries please contact us on our enquiry form, email on the relevant email address below or contact us by telephone on 01522 889297.

Our office hours are 08:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Thursday and 08:00 to 15:30 on Friday.