Lincolnshire SCITT

Diploma in Training and Facilitation

Accredited by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) at Level 4.  Participants will receive a diploma level certificate.

Audience: This one day workshop is aimed at those who have experience of delivering training, CPLD and/or the facilitation of workshops and other groups/outcome-focussed events.



Intent: The workshop is designed to enable participants to develop their knowledge, understanding and associated insights to assist them to be highly effective trainers and facilitators. Participants will acquire:

  • a set of models/frameworks (the 5 Ps model for planning, and the 5 Ps model for delivery) to assist them in securing high quality training and facilitated events
  • a set of models linked to adult learning and cognitive processing which, if applied appropriately will strengthen the impact of their training and facilitation
  • a developed set of skills linked to the effective delivery of training and facilitation with groups of adults.

Implementation: The workshop will involve participants in engaging in practical collaborative activities, reflective tasks and direct tutorial input.

Impact: Participants will develop their capacity and capability to deliver high impact training and facilitation, so that those they work with are empowered to similarly impact positively on the quality of the learning of others.