Lincolnshire SCITT

Embedding Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Due to Covid-19 and the requirement for this programme to run face-to-face we are currently not running Embedding Excellence.  If you are interested in this programme, please email


Audience: Enthusiastic teachers who are least RQT+1 and wish to develop their practice and lead in areas of teaching and learning.

Intent: To provide teachers with the opportunity to:

  • reflect on their own and other teachers' practice in order to more accurately identify what is truly effective and inspirational teaching
  • examine how teachers can better understand their classes and implement strategies to accelerate progress
  • identify the best ways of inspiring other teachers to be inspirational

Implementation: The programme will include:

  • guided discussion
  • introduction to current educational thinking and research
  • opportunities to evaluate teaching
  • an introduction to coaching methodology

Impact: As a result of the programme, teachers will have an increased understanding of:

  • what inspirational teaching looks like
  • how to use a range of strategies to inform and develop practice
  • how to embed your teaching and inspire excellence in others