Lincolnshire SCITT

Governing Board Development Programme

Our new approach Is designed to ensure that all Governing Boards have the opportunity to strengthen their effectiveness and prepare themselves for Ofsted inspection under the new framework.

The focus is on how governors work effectively together, as a Board, to deliver the expectations as set out in
the DfE Governance Handbook.  Lincolnshire Leaders of Governance (LLGs) will work with Governing Boards on one or more area of focus which the board will determine. Whatever the focus, however, preparation for inspection will be a feature of the development work as will the processes the board uses to manage its work.

This is a simple and straightforward review tool for Governing Boards to use to determine which of the available areas of development focus would be most appropriate for the board.

The review tool can be found by clicking here.  A Zoom video has been produced to support Governing Boards in making effective use of the tool.  This presentation lasts approximately 15 mins.  

Area of focus for the Governing Board Development Programme

Core Area 1 – Strategic Direction (three areas of focus)
A. Ensuring that the Governing Board is meeting its statutory responsibilities in this core area.
Supporting the Governing Board with the development of:
B. its vision and values
C. its strategic priorities and monitoring approaches.

Core Area 2 – Holding the Headteacher to account for educational performance (five areas of focus)
Ensuring that the board is discharging its statutory responsibilities linked to oversight, accountability and assurance:
D. general
E. safeguarding
F. pupil premium grant
G. pupils with SEND
H. the school curriculum

Core Area 3 – Holding the Headteacher to account for financial performance (two areas of focus)
I. Supporting the Governing Board with financial monitoring.
J. Supporting the Board with budget setting. 

Delivery and Cost
An LLG will facilitate a 90 minute session with a Governing Board focussing on one of the above areas. The cost for the session is £295.

Development planning for strengthening governance
It is expected that many Governing Boards will use the DNA tool to plan a development programme – possibly
over a two or three year period – which involves several sessions, each with a different area of focus. A programme of 3 sessions is available for £750. 

To discuss your involvement in the Governing Board Development Programme, please contact us on or 01522 553240